Supporting Parents in
Understanding the Curriculum

Add a WOW! to your parents' capacity to support their children

Workshops for parents

Understanding the curriculum is vital for parents to effectively support their pupils. An effective way of informing parents who come from different education systems is to run workshops for parents. 

These could include;

  • information about specific subjects such as maths, Literacy or science
    explanations about content covered in different year groups  and the National Curriculum leveling system
  • specific methods used, such as mathematical problem solving techniques, or scientific experiment methods or Literacy reading methods.
  • specific information on the content of curriculum areas that parents may be concerned or interested in such as religious education, sex education etc
  • specific philosophies e.g. the value of talk in learning, the value of using the home language to support learning etc

Open two-way dialogue

Including a place for parents to share their experiences and methods can ensure a two way dialogue where parents feel their experience and skills are valued. If parents teach their children different methods to the ones taught at school this needn't be a problem if the children are clear about which methods are for use in school, and which are additional methods.

Listening to parents may glean valuable information about areas they could contribute to school life. If parents understand the curriculum in the new school system they can see where their skills and knowledge fit in.

Websites for parents

A useful website for parents to help in understanding the curriculum in the UK is 'School life' at

BBC Parents - Support your child's education

This site has information on the school curriculum, activities for home learning, parental involvement and much more.

This site contains information on the key stages and levels children should be achieving at which is very useful informatin in understanding the curriculum.

Nursery and primary level educational material for children, teachers and parents. An enjoyable way to explore the World Wide Web.

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