EAL Resources for supporting children with English as an additional language

Audio stories to enable children to access higher level texts

One of the most effective EAL resources that makes a significant difference to children's langauge development is the simple audio story. Listening to stories is enjoyable and motivating  allows pupils to access texts above the level they can read alone and absorb 'book language' which is different to social spoken language. Free audio stories online

Games to support children's language development

When looking for fun and effective EAL resources don't overlook games. Playing games can be a relaxing and enjoyable way of learning a language. It is advisable to use games in the context of quality talk, for example, preteaching the concepts and vocabulary required and then using the game to reinforce these skills.

Playing games with a buddy allows for talk during the activity and can help to deepen the learning experience. At times children will enjoy the independence of playing games themselves: trying to compelte a task or beat their score provides instant feedback on their progress leading to a high level of motivation. Learn English Kids - British Council website has games to play, stories to listen to and activities to do.

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EAL resources using ICT for supporting reading and writing

Talking Pen by Mantralingua

Talking Pen is a great resource for allowing pupils to access texts independently when their level of Engish is still quite limited. Rather than the bulkiness and awkwardeness of recording devices, the pen allows easy access to the recorded text by pressing down on the page.

This allows flipping backwards and forwards through a text which is useful for consolidating learning or seeking answers to questions. Pupils can hear the text in English or their first language easily switching between the two. This is good practice in language learning as pupils can peg new knowledge onto established learning in their home language.

Clicker 5 for English language learning

Clicker 5 is a fantastic resource for pupils learning English. The sentence structure grids provide scaffolded learning that can be adapted for individual needs, leading pupils into rapid understanding of the English grammar system, within real and interesting contexts.

Teachers can upload photos and create grids to support children's current learning or use ready made resources designed to introduce and consolidate new vocabulary and grammar.

Widgit symbols for scaffolding texts

Widgit symbols

Story Sacks for supporting reading comprehension

Story sacks - English for rEAL