Empowering teachers to support children for whom English is an additional language

Explore the range of EAL teaching strategies and resources designed to make planning and teaching easier and help your pupils achieve the 4 Ps;

  1. make accelerated progress
  2. fulfil their potential
  3. be motivated and proactive learners
  4. be proud of their identity and language skills


Encourage confident and accurate talk through the use of talk frames, paired activities and collaborative group tasks.


Guidance on how to scaffold children's talk through the use of talk frames, oral rehearsal and interactive activities.


Develop your pupils writing skills through effective use of talk strategies, specific teaching of academic language and motivating writing tasks.


Engage parent in their children's learning by keeping them informed, creating two-way communication channels and celebrating success.


Support pupils to maintain their home langauge as they learn English and to see it as an asset.


Effective differentiation, that supports pupils' learning whilst not over-simplifiying concepts is a challenge but a key to effective teaching.


Guidance to support initial assessment of new arrivals, ongoing monitoring of progress and the use of formative assessment within lessons.


Explore EAL theory including development of basic interpersonal communication skills (BICS) and Cognitive academic langauge proficiency (CALP).


Check out this range of online learning games, selected to support pupils in developing their vocabulary and sentence skills 


Browse the ICT resources that can support pupils' learning and aide communication with parents


Explore the range of wall displays and strategies for enhancing the comprehension and learning of your EAL pupils


Free online audio stories can support the language development of pupils at all stages of development, enabling them to access higher level texts


View a range of resources for supporting English language learners in the following areas:


FREE audio stories to support children's independent reading and personal enjoyment of books.

Guidance on Guided Reading with specific tips on how to accelerate the reading of EAL pupils


ICT programmes to provide scaffolded support using animation, visuals and audio.

Tools for creating books by either pupils or adults, paper-based and online.

Ideas for sharing writing with real audiences worldwide.

Free online learning games to develop vocabulary and grammar skills.

Speaking and Listening.

Guidance on the use of speaking frames to scaffold thinking and talk.

The latest ICT gadgets for encouraging talk such as recorder pens, recording sticky labels and talking pen books and posters.

Links to find great barrier games and drama games that are fun, motivating and effective in consolidating learning.

Wall displays

Guidance on creating different types of displays, including working walls and interactive displays. Top tips on fast effective ways of making an impact and engaging EAL learners in using displays effectively to support their learning.